October 20, 2021

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The United States of America is exceptional. In fact, the country is so exceptional that it recognizes its own exceptionalism and sings it to the high heavens any opportunity it gets. American exceptionalism is a phrase you hear regularly being used by all and sundry in the country, from the president of the country to the people in Congress, to the homeless people hanging around on street corners in the main streets.

From the fat cats on Wall Street to their hapless and homeless victims on main street, you hear the phrase repeatedly used to describe what the United States as a country is among the comity of nations in the world. American exceptionalism is the one thing that is indubitable in the American psyche, and every American, no matter their position in the food chain, knows that fact.

In keeping with our country’s exceptionalism, I will attempt to make a list of the things that make America great and exceptional. These are things that only an American will understand the importance of because only Americans understand American exceptionalism. These things will likely make no sense to non Americans, but make a lot of sense to Americans. This is part one of this series with more to come.

1. Arming all citizens with assault rifles makes us safer and reinforces our freedom. As you may already know, Americans are big about our second amendment rights to bear arms, and are not willing to compromise on it. We have ordinary citizens armed to the teeth with the best military assault rifles money can buy who are not afraid to walk around the town brandishing their weapons in a show of freedom that you cannot see anywhere else in the world. Americans have the right to own unlimited numbers of these weapons, and in many states, you have the right to carry them around openly everywhere, and use them whenever you want, I suppose.

That’s obviously the reason there’s a mass shooting incident almost every other month, and  hundreds of shooting incidents daily in the United States. Have you ever seen such exceptionalism anywhere else that is not a war zone? Of course, you wouldn’t understand why shooting and killing people including women and children in schools and churches is a good think, because you wouldn’t understand our attachment to our 2nd Amendment rights and freedoms.

You may have heard how a man went to a Las Vegas concert and opened fire with an assault rifle, killing over 50 people and injuring almost 600 others with counts still rising. This happened just yesterday and is simply the latest in our favorite pass time.

You’ll see is talk about it for a week max. By talk about it, I mean argue back and forth about whether it was a terror act or otherwise. There’ll be no talk about how he got an assault rifle because that’s something we never talk about. Our rights to bear arms is sacrosanct.

You wouldn’t understand how that right and freedom is more important to us than life itself,  or how our forefathers fought and died for the right to bear arms and kill one another at will in furtherance of that right and freedom. That is American exceptionalism at its best.

2. Opposition to Universal healthcare. Every major industrialized nation, and quite a few of the non industrialized ones, have a form of free medical care for there citizens, but not the United States of America, which is the richest country in the history of the world. Yes, it’s a testament to our exceptionalism that we allow hundreds of thousands die or lose everything they worked for every year because they fall sick. I’m quite sure you, the non American, will think that this makes absolutely no sense, but that’s only because you don’t understand how exceptional we are as a country.

You don’t understand how proud we are as a people, and how receiving anything free from our government can emasculate our humanity. It will not make any sense to you that we do not like to freeload as Americans, and would rather beg on the street, or online on social media sites. You will not understand that we will prefer to set up a gofundme account and beg that way, instead of having to get that help from our government.

You will not understand that our government is there only to give help to our corporations and the hard working people who own them. Nor will you understand how much we abhor lazy and poor people who do not understand the important American value of pulling yourself up by your bootstraps, and want to share in the government wealth our Constitution reserves for our rich people and the corporations they own. But, then, you don’t understand American exceptionalism.

3. We don’t talk about racism openly. If you know anything about the United States, you know that race issues, or racism is a hot topic all the time. We have our police, and actually, anyone who cares to do so, killing black people on a regular basis for all sorts of ridiculous reasons. In fact, if you’re a black man in many parts of our country, you might be more likely to die from a traffic stop by the police than you’re to die from a car accident.

Also, you’re very likely going to spend a more substantial part of your life in jail at some point as a black man than a white man will do in our land of the free. The reasons for this vary, but the most important one is that the law applies differently to white people and black people. Yes, a black man will receive 10 years in jail for the same crime that a white man receives an 18 month sentence.

I’m sure that sounds really strange to you stranger, but you don’t understand that our black people here are thugs and criminals by nature, and are not fit to be treated the same way as nice white people. You don’t understand that we’re a country that was built through slave labor and needs the same slave labor to keep it running. If you did, you would understand why it’s important that black people remain slaves.

So, here we have made it so that speaking out against racism is seen as speaking out against our country. It’s not just a smart campaign result, it’s a fact because our country is built of racism. Our government and laws are both based on racism, so, yes, speaking out against racism is actually speaking out against the American state. How exceptional is that.

Racism is not supposed to be something we’re allowed to talk about. Racism is supposed to be something that we do quietly with no attention drawn to it. If you try to draw attention to it, you will be considered a reverse racist who wants to deny white Americans their human rights to be racist. That’s major part of our American exceptionalism.

4. We use war and destruction to spread “democracy.” “May you never have America bring you democracy.” You may have never heard that prayer, if you live in the western world, but it’s a prayer that is increasingly being said fervently by the few countries in the Middle East to which the United States has yet to take democracy. It is no hidden secret that our country is the beacon of freedom and democracy, and that we’re literally bullish when it comes to spreading it.

We will ram democracy down your throat, and choke you to death with it, if necessary, because death is better than the lack of democracy. Who on earth doesn’t want the freedom that democracy guarantees? Freedoms like that to be jailed for life for a few ounces of marijuana, or to be beaten and shot to death by the police for any reason, or lack of? What about the freedom to be told what to do or not do with your body as a woman?

Yes, Arab women must be free not to wear the niqab in their own country, even if they have no qualms about wearing it. They must be freed from the burden of being able to get an abortion even when they need it to save their lives, like American women are. Those countries must learn the freedom and civilization of executing people the modern way through lethal injection or electrocution instead of the barbaric way of beheading.

The people of Iraq, Egypt, Libya, and Syria are still thanking us for the democracy we took to them. Now, the women in those countries are too busy struggling to stay alive to be worrying about wearing the niqab. The men are too busy fighting to even notice whether their women still wear the niqad, so that’s one aspect of democracy delivered. Also, instead of imprisoning people and having to feed and  take care of them, like we do here at home, it’s even more cost effective if you can kill them like we can do in these countries.

Therefore, it’s a win, win situation when we can deliver democracy with destruction and population control at the same time, but you will find that difficult to understand because you know nothing about being exceptional.

5. We only practice socialism for our rich people and their corporations. Yes, that’s a fact. As a nation, we loath socialism. In fact, we loath socialism so much that it is a major taboo to even use the word. Your career in anything will nose dive and die if you’re ever labelled a socialist. It is the second most hated word in our vocabulary….second only to communism, but that one is so bad that you can expect to be executed if you’re labelled a communist.

Oh, yeah, we hate us some socialism, or better put, we hate socialism when anybody but our rich people and their corporations are the recipients. When it comes to the rich and corporations, we don’t mind even going to the level of communism, if necessary, no problems. That’s why our rich and corporations keep getting tax breaks on a regular basis, and our oil companies and other corporations get billions of dollars in tax breaks even after making hundreds of billions in profit.

That’s why our major sports franchises pay no taxes, and are protected from any type of competition. Once you own a sport franchise here in the United States of America, you don’t have to worry about winning to stay in the league because our country’s socialism for the rich and corporations insulates you from all that. In other countries around the world, you have to win with your sports team to remain at the top. What that does is that it gives everybody a chance to build and grow their own sports teams without any limits, as should be the case in capitalist markets. Not so, though, in our “socialist for the rich” country where you can only buy in if you’re filthy rich, and remain there protected for life, once you’re in.

Here in America, it’s easy to go into a frenzy at the thought of some unemployed person using food stamp money to buy liquor or cigarette. We once had a president who coined the phrase “welfare queen” to disparage poor women who got help to the tune of a few hundred dollars a month from government to feed their children, but a corporation like Boeing or Exxon Mobil receives billions of dollars in government handout and nobody even blinks.

We bail out our corporations with all sorts of funds anytime they need it, but our poor citizens we will rather watch expire in penury because socialism is only for the rich and corporations. A Warren Buffet will get a ten million dollars easily from our government but an ordinary citizen will jump through hoops and all sorts of traps before they can get on hundred dollars. That is American exceptionalism.


Watch out for part 2 of this exposé coming soon.





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