February 2, 2023

The United States Senate overwhelmingly passed legislation to send another $40 billion to Ukraine as inflation rages and US gas prices just hit another all-time record high.
11 Republicans voted against the bill. 39 GOP Senators voted in support of the bill.
The Senate voted 86-11 in favor of the emergency package of military, economic and humanitarian assistance, by far the largest U.S. aid package for Ukraine to date.
Meanwhile the state of California, which owns the highest average gas price in the nation, is currently on a mad-dash towards the $10 mark, having just broken $6.00 per gallon. Currently, gas in the state sits at a whopping 6.06 per gallon and it’s trending upwards, fast.
But, at least people in California can still get gas – which isn’t the case in some areas, like Washington. The Evergreen State is currently being hit with an average price per gallon of $5.15, and, according to the Post Millennial, at least 10 gas stations throughout the Kennewick, Pasco, and West Richland areas are completely out of fuel.

Moreover, food-at-home prices are expected to increase between 3% and 4% by the end of 2022, according to a recent U.S. Department of Agriculture forecast. This is in addition to the inflated prices you’ve likely noticed already: Grocery prices were 7.9% higher year-over-year as of February 2022, according to the Consumer Price Index’s  most recent data.
What’s less obvious is which items have become the most expensive, as the rate of year-over-year inflation ranges from 1.1% to nearly 15%, depending on the product.
The cost of meat, poultry, fish and eggs is 13% higher since February 2021. Fresh fruit has gone up 10.6% in price in that time, while the price for vegetables has remained much more stable, increasing just 4.3%. The price of pre-packaged cereals and baked goods has increased 7.7%.

Earlier Donald Trump Jr., the son of the 45th United States president, claimed Ukraine is “one of the most corrupt countries in the world”. He Noted that the funds sent by the US would be “laundered by corrupt politicians”.

“Tough pass. How do we use it to help Americans in need? Or maybe to secure our border? Maybe revamp our energy sector? Education? No, instead we’re going to use it as one of the world’s most Will give to one of the corrupt countries, where I am sure will be looted by the most corrupt politicians,” he wrote on Twitter.

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