April 25, 2019
It has been almost a year since many people all over the country of Iran held rallies and demonstrations against the Iranian regime’s credit institutions, which once claimed to be a low interest rate loan fund. The Caspian credit institute is related to Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and was founded in 1990s, but later it failed to fulfill its promises. There are hundreds of similar funds active across Iran, but the regime has failed to regulate them. Many people across the country had trusted the Caspian credit institution enough to decide to invest there, as its name had been listed on Central Bank’s official website as an authorized institution. Therefore, investors indicate they can no longer trust the Central Bank. Hossein ali Haji Doleigani, an Iranian MP said, “At least one third of the people are having problems due to their investments and savings in financial credit institutes. Psychological, spiritual concerns, and worries resulting from investing in such institutions, in addition to the investment, causes problems for their families and it appears more than 20 million people are suffering in this regard,” said Doleigani. On September 16, around 2,000 retired civil servants, including teachers from the provinces of Tehran, Alborz, Isfahan, Central, South Khorasan, North Khorasan, Khorasan Razavi, Gilan, Mazandaran, and Kermanshah, protested- their difficult livelihood in front of Vahdat Hall in Tehran. The chants and slogans of the protest included: "Tyranny and oppression is enough, our table is empty", "We do not stand still until we get our rights", "One less embezzlement, our problem is solved". On the banners carried by the protesters, it was written: "Rouhani, Rouhani, implement your promises." The video below is in Farsi, but shows the anger of the people at Rouhani and his administration. Police forces surrounded the rally to prevent the spread of the rally. The regime hopes to keep the social unrest contained and keep it from spreading to other groups and organizations. These videos show the continued unrest throughout Iran, which threatens the continued existence of the Iranian regime. Here are some of the slogans they chanted at the demonstrations: To so called moderate!! Rouhani: "The government of prudence and hope, which hope? Which hope?" "The poverty line is our 4 million, our salary is one million", "Every promise that they gave was all hollow." "We, the depositors of the authorized Caspian Institution, will continue our legitimate sit-in until we reach our rights." They chanted: "We have been trying for ten months, but heard nothing but lies," "No nation has ever seen such an evil government," "Oppression, corruption and embezzlement is the gift of our government." The Iranian Resistance hails all protesting including all retired workers, investors whose savings have been plundered, teachers, active workers, nurses, college students and those who have been deprived of their rights in Iran under the mullahs’ rule. They call on all Iranians, especially the youth, to rise in support of these protesters. The Iranian Resistance also calls on all labor unions, teachers, and retired workers in various countries, as well as relevant international organizations, to express their solidarity with protest rallies in Iran and condemning the mullahs’ repressive and cruel policies. Poverty, inflation, and unemployment have destroyed Iran’s economy. These conditions are the result of four decades of religious fascism ruling over this country. The mullahs’ establishment allocates Iran’s national treasures and the people’s property for domestic crackdown, exporting terrorism, and nuclear and missile projects or are plundered by the senior elite. As long as this regime is in power, this crisis will only deepen and intensify.

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