August 19, 2022

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President Trump spoke yesterday about how he wants to escalate the 17 year old war in Afghanistan by sending an additional four thousand soldiers to join the fight, and the scores are in, unanimous and unequivocal; he knocked it out of the park. The media is crooning once again about how presidential he looked, how lucid his thoughts were, and how articulate the delivery of his speech was. In fact, everybody is agreed that this Trump is what is expected of a president.

The accolades have been coming hard and fast, and from all sides of the political divide at the top level. Yes, the great presidential speech he gave was about sending an additional four thousand United States troops to Afghanistan in order to escalate the war, or as he put it, “win it” That, in a nutshell, is why there is bipartisan and universal media agreement that he became the president their masters want him to be, which is what they really mean when they use the word “presidential.”

All over the news you find approving analyses of how sombre and mature he sounded in the speech, and how it’s a great step in his maturity as not just a leader, but the leader of the free world.

You may recall that the last time President Trump had this sort of bipartisan agreement and universal media praise was the days following the bomb strikes he ordered against Bashir Assad’s army in Syria and the dropping of the Moab in Afghanistan. Then, too, both his media critics and supporters, as well as members of Congress from both sides of the divide, were unanimous in declaring his actions to be very presidential and decisive,

This leads me to the pertinent question of why American presidents always get universal support every time they speak about starting a new war, or escalating a current one? And, it’s not just President Trump. It was President Obama too. The only time Fox News and Republicans spoke well of him was whenever he drone bombed somewhere, or sent troops somewhere to start or escalate a war. At such times, the “anti war” Democrats would all be very silent on the fact that a war was being started or escalated, and the only discussion would be about how “presidential” he looked while giving the speech.

I have my ideas as to why war is the one thing the two sides of our political divide always openly agree on. (They do agree on other things but are never open about those as they are on the issue of war.) Anyway, my idea is that war is the overriding and most important issue to the establishment who control our government. You may disagree, but I strongly think that I’m right, so here goes.

War is an issue that is non negotiable which anybody who gets on any of the seats in our nation’s Capitol is made to understand as soon as they get there. You may have your arguments and disagreements on all other issues, but never about our wars as that’s what our empire is built and maintained on. I believe that this fact is impressed upon everybody who gets elected to our seat of national government, be they legislators or executives.

The transformation usually happens after the elected officer takes office, and not before, because many of these officials are genuinely anti war and you could see the palpable sincerity in their political careers up to their campaign for the national seat. But, as soon as they get elected and take office, the powers that be reads them the law and that’s when you notice them becoming less forceful in their condemnation of our wars.

A case in point is former President Barack Obama whose political career, up until he became president, was that of a strong anti war advocate. He spoke out very forcefully against all the wars this country was involved in, both as a state senator and a national senator, only to end up authorizing the dropping of more bombs than even his predecessor who started the wars did. He also started a few of his own.

The point is that war is not at all controversial at the topmost levels of our government, and our leaders can never go wrong as long as the can keep the wars going. That’s something that every American needs to worry about, except you have no issues with our country being in a perpetual state of war.

Maybe you disagree with this analysis, or not. Just let us know in the comments.

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