Recent events in Ukraine and the war, which was de facto started by the Russian Federation, cannot be neglected. In fact, there is no anti-terror campaign at the East of Ukraine, there is straight aggression and supporting of terrorists here. Likewise, we all realize that such highly developed weapon systems as «BUK», such rocket artillery as «GRAD», «URAGAN», latest modifications of tanks and armored troop carriers could not be produced in so-called People’s Republic of Donetsk. It has no military plants, no schematics, no resources, no highly educated workers for such production processes. We all know that these “republics” do not have real army, but rather illegal troops leaded by russian officers, equipped with russian guns, rocket launchers etc.
Those terrorists, who have been captured by Ukrainian security forces, confirm the fact of direct involvement of Russian army in Donbas conflict. Most of these terrorists are Russian citizens.
All the facts, cited above, make me ask the world community, and each european country in particular:
How much time do you need to confirm the fact, that Russian federation is real threat to the current world order?
How long will you hesitate to adopt new sanctions against Russia, to prevent possible world war?
And how long will you hesitate to condemn those politicians of European countries, who advocate Putin’s policy?
We know, that the President of Czech republic M.Zeman openly supports Russian policy. He declares that the war at the East of Ukraine has no Russian background, and it is just internal conflict, provoked by political rights of Ukraine. It contradicts with the official position of Czech government, and people of most part of Czechs are also disagree with such ignorance of their president. Mr. Zeman has established the reputation as a rude and mean-spirited person, who is rather marginal one, than a member of European community.
The same problem we face  in  regards of the Prime minister of HungariaOrban , who declared the intention of Hungaria to continue construction of South Stream, while most part of EU members decided to stop construction of it. It shows the fact of implicit contacts between Hungarian authorities and Russian government.
The modern strategy of Russia is to create fifth column within EU. If it is impossible to create influential network of businessmen, politicians, public figures – any marginal groups can be involved in the system of fifth column. F.e Front headed by Marie le Pen is sponsored by Russia, otherwise it could be impossible for them to raise sum of money, needed for taking part in elections. This front is semi-nazi organization, and it is criticized by many french politicians and social figures. Now it is going to be taken as the front of Russian agents, because Russia confronts with the whole world, providing aggression against Ukraine.
Czech people, Hungarian people and French people must answer the question: do they need the fifth column of betrayers inside their community? Are they going to accept the power, which will ruin their countries and life, as it is being done in Ukraine now?».

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