Zapad-2021: radio waves against population of Belarus


Some Russia outlets claim that the strategic Russian-Belarusian exercise Zapad-2021, unfortunately, have not passed without a trace for ordinary residents of Brest region of the Republic of Belarus. Hard facts say that, as a result of these exercises, the overwhelming majority of the population of the region of middle and older ages has faced a sharp deterioration of health indicators. What is the reason for this!?

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation did not hide the fact that in the course of the exercise one of the most large-scale training of the electronic warfare (EW) troops had been held. According to official information, the electronic warfare units cracked the communication channels of the opposing side, interfered with radio exchange, protected their troops from the electronic reconnaissance of the imaginary enemy and protected them from possible UAV attacks.

Units of the Western Military District, the Southern Military District, the 1st Guards Tank and 20th Combined Arms Armies, the EW unit of the Baltic Fleet, as well as the electronic warfare units of the Armed Forces of Belarus were involved in EW training. In conditions as close as possible to combat, the functioning of 19 newest models of Russian electronic warfare equipment was tested, in particular:

– the Murmansk-BN complex — capable of suppressing military radio communications within a radius of up to 8 thousand km, disrupting the command posts located deep behind enemy lines, interfering with the actions of aviation and naval forces;

– complex Borisoglebsk-2 — used to disrupt communications at the tactical level;

– Pole-21 system — capable of turning off all major foreign satellite navigation systems;

– complex Krasukha-2 — at a distance of up to 300 km, suppresses the radar of the AWACS aviation systems, and also suppresses enemy signals over the entire short-wave range;

– complex Krasukha-4 — at a distance of up to 300 km suppresses the radar of fighters and UAVs.

As a rule, in course of such kind of exercise EW systems have never been used in their full capacity due to the difficulties of functioning of peaceful communications, control over aviation and potential harmful effect for health.

However, persons, residing nearby Brest’s training area have been complaining for sharp feeling unwell. Doctors of Brest central municipal hospital claim about 10 times increase in patients’€™ visits because of feeling unwell with signs of: increase in arterial blood pressure, headache, heartache. First of all, these are patients with coronary heart diseases, in particular, those with pacemakers as well as elderly age persons.

There is no official information on this fact, but without any doubt this has become the result of functioning of EW complexes developed in Russia. Short term effects of exercise on Brest’s training area are already obvious today. But attention should be paid to medical figures in the region (including the dynamics of cancer diseases) for coming years.

In this case the most cynical is a fact that the new Russia’s EW samples were tested not in Russia, but in a densely populated region of Belarus.

Russia was always ready to pay high price, including putting ordinary people’s health at stake for the sake of its military-industrial complex and military forces (in USSR, atomic bomb tests in the city of Semipalatinsk and Totskoye site which resulted in scale injuries among personnel and civilians). But this time Moscow has decided to sacrifice health of Belarusian nationals, called by Russians as brother country.

Source: Democratic-Europe

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