The latest incidents concerning the war in Ukrainian East, have already shown the world community the scale of Russian threat. International institutions and particular countries have already started sanctions against Russian companies, notorious personalities and even against Russian economy in general. There is consensus between such influential players of international policy as European Union, the U.S.A and many others in regards to Russian military danger. That consensus was reached not for the sake of Ukraine, it is just the first step of preventing World war III. It is safe to say, that Putin is not going to stop his “Russian spring” with occupation of Ukraine. No one can be safe at the time of such misanthropic government, as it has Russian federation now. It is well-known fact, that Russian federation has long and simmering conflict with Japan which is direct result of World War II. There is clear vision that exporting any weapon schemes or technologies to Russia, particular country supports world terrorism and invasion to independent country. For Japan, it is obvious to pay attention to current war in Ukraine as Russia declares South Kurily islands to be part of the federation. The result of this long-time conflict depends on the military power of the parties. In a couple of months, Russia is going to add 2 helicopter carriers called “Mistral” to its armory. And even now there is final decision to send this helicopter carrier to the Far East region, where it is supposed to defend Kurily islands and the country’s border in general. The whole world community realizes that it is unwise to increase power of potential enemy. The president of Russian federation Putin has grand plans how to change world order and these two helicopter carriers called “Mistral” are just first steps in upgrading Russian military forces and naval forces in particular. Recently, France has suspended the transferring of “Mistral” to Russia, but the contract is not terminated yet.

To stop any upgrading of Russian army and to prevent direct threat to the peace in the Region of Pacific ocean, Japan has to use all available resources and instruments to increase isolation of Russia. Otherwise, there will be no way out for Japan to stop Russian aggression, because many of Russian analytics believe that waters of Pacific Ocean are among other spheres of interests of Putin. Putin is searching for right bridgehead, which would allow him to attack partners of the U.S in the region. Japan must take the decision.

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