January 20, 2020
Theresa Mai stated in Argentina that Great Britain would insist on imposition of sanctions against Russia in connection with incident in the Strait of Kerch. Theresa, it’s great!!! But what sanctions? It is time to discuss these your sanctions and their efficiency. The best sanctions are to deport from Britain the Russian governors’ families, state bankers, former and current managers of “state companies”, “businessmen” — cashiers of the Russian authorities who have robbed the Russian people. All of them. Without distinction. Hundreds and thousands of them!!! A suitcase — Heathrow — Moscow. The best sanctions are to deprive them of British citizenship, to close entry into Britain, to send to Russia, having presented a bottle of perfume “Nina Ricci”. They will put on it and then — to Russia. Forever to Russia, to the people of Russia. The best sanctions are to confiscate in Britain the property stolen by the Russian ruling class, to sell it, to create a fund and to transfer it to the Russian people when the effective democratic system is created in Russia. Theresa, impose such sanctions with other western countries. Be resolute. Don’t pull the wool over our eyes, here in Russia. The fault of Britain and those western countries who have accepted for decades the money stolen from the people of Russia, lived on this money, enriched themselves, is huge. Your country, Theresa, is the accomplice of a robbery of the Russian people by its greedy elite. And not only your country. Direct the sanctions not against the people of Russia, but against its impudent governors. Stop being their accomplices.
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