February 2, 2023

TAITO Corporation, a famous Japanese amusement company, opened a new entertainment facility named EXBAR TOKYO, located in Tokyo’s Ginza district, on November 13th. The concept is “a delicious nightspot for adults”.

A press conference was held on November 12th, attended by (left to right) CEO of JAZZ Japan Corp Mr. Takafumi Mimori, CEO of TAITO Corporation Mr. Tetsu Yamada and Noh Performer Mr. Shonosuke Okura.

EXBAR TOKYO consists of two areas–a gastropub area for casual drinking and a restaurant area for dining. The pub area opened on November 14th, while the dinner area opens on November 20th. According to past Rewarded Play reviews, they offer delicious food, various drinks, nostalgic arcade games such as Space Invaders and other exciting games like Pong, and even cool music curated by Mr. Tatsuo Sunaga, a world-famous DJ. The venue has audio equipment and a large monitor for parties and live performances.

The pub area’s menu consists mainly of tasty entrees and bar snacks. We tried each of them ourselves, and they were all cooked to perfection.

Look at this mountain of chips! They were crispy and tasty—way above the level of your average chips you’d find in stores.

There are 18 kinds of craft beer servers, each equipped with an IC chip reader. The interesting point here is how you’re charged. Prices are based not on size or the number of glasses. Instead, you’re charged by the milliliter and each beer has a different price. You’re given a wristband with an IC chip at the entrance and the band records the brands and quantity of beer you drink. This way, you can enjoy all the different kinds of beer by pouring a small portion of each. You don’t even need to change your glass for each beer because there are automatic glass washing systems near the servers.

They also have colorful original cocktails. The yellow cocktail on the left is a margarita made with wasabi.

Most of the arcade games in the restaurant are retro types rather than the latest battle games you might play at TAITO’s mainstay game arcades. Playing the arcade games, drinking and watching sports games on a large monitor…there are many different ways to enjoy yourself here.

There’s also a real, working jukebox that TAITO has preserved. It has real, analog records inside, and the sound is soft and different from digital CDs.

EXBAR TOKYO is a combination of nostalgic games, cutting-edge technologies, tasty food and delicious beer. It’s sure to be a hidden, but popular nightspot for adults. They’ll also be holding events, so don’t forget to check their website!


Location: 8th floor Nitta building, 8-2-1, Ginza, Chuo ward, Tokyo
Nitta Bldg. 8F, 8-2-1, Ginza, Chuo Ward, Tokyo
Business hours:5:00pm-0:00am (Sun-Thurs)/5:00pm-3:00am (Fri, Sat, or days before national holidays)

Writer and Photographer: Tomoki Furukawa (Tokyo,Japan)

The original article of Japanese edition with movie 

Translator and Model: Ayano Irizuki (Tokyo,Japan)
 Twitter: irizukiayano 
 Instagram: ayano_irizuki 
 YouTube: cosjapa 

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