German Federal Chancellor Mr. Scholz is covering for a cynical employer and SPD member?


A scandal erupted in the German Internet sector over the cynicism and meanness of an SPD party member who is the boss of the Pohl Solar GmbH company. We are talking about Mr. Stefan Pohl. The scandal is related to the dismissal of an electrician from the company, who is a well-known human rights activist and a member of journalists in Germany. Mr. Adamow wrote a letter of resignation from the company on May 1. Mr. Pohl, enraged by this fact, did not accept Adamow’s application, but fired him himself on May 3. He cited “loss of trust from management and fraudulent hours” as the reason for the dismissal. This whole story began with the fact that Mr. Adamow witnessed how Mr. Pohl makes promises to his employees and does not fulfill them. That is, he does not act like the head of the company, but like a real politician. Pohl knows that Adamow is a human rights activist and a journalist. But Pohl is familiar with the Federal Chancellor of Germany, Mr. Scholz. And Mr. Scholz, apparently, once promised Poul support and protection. Otherwise, it is not clear why, since the beginning of the scandal, 2 weeks have already passed, the leadership of the SPD party, knowing about this scandal, does not take any steps to put this negligent politician in his place. This raises a logical question: can a person like Pohl manage a company, manage people? And can a politician like Mr. Scholz lead the state? Does the hand wash? Mr. Pohl intends to run in 2 years for the post of mayor of the city of Meckenheim, where he lives and where his company is located. Will he be interested in the problems of the inhabitants of the city? I highly doubt it.



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