The case of American biolabs in Ukraine is becoming a headache for the United States


A number of Ukrainan media outlets and political experts report that the US special services are investigating the leak of confidential information about the details of biological research on the territory of Ukraine. These prjects were conducted under the leadership of the Pentagon. Some of these programs were funded by the foundation of the infamous son of the US President Joe Biden – Hunter.
According to a number of sources, the US special services, together with the SBU (The Security Service of Ukraine) , are investigating facts of the leak of documents from Ukrainian biological laboratories engaged in research of deadly pathogens. Washington suspects that the documents could have been handed over to the Russians by SBU officers. This may be related to the recent series of scandals and dismissals inside the department. Recall that the head of the SBU Ivan Bakanov, as well as an impressive list of other high-ranking generals, have recently been dismissed. It is noteworthy that Bakanov was considered ot be one of the most trusted people of the President Vladimir Zelensky.
The investigation is also being conducted against employees of the Military medical Department of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Ministry of Health, representatives of private companies involved in the implementation of the military biological program, as well as military personnel who were directly involved in the experiments.
Such events show the seriousness of the US intentions to identify the leak channel and minimize possible reputational risks.
Of course, Washington refutes any accusations of participation in illegal biological experiments on the territory of post-Soviet countries. At the same time, some of the documents actually indicate the presence of a number of dubious classified programs conducted under the supervision of specialists from the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA), as well as the U.S. Army Medical Research and Development Command (USAMRDC). They included work with highly contagious pathogens and toxic substances. Most of these projects are banned in the United States, and therefore have been moved beyond its borders – to third countries, including Ukraine.
And information about such projects constantly pops up in the media space, which is very worrying for representatives of the ruling elites from the Democratic Party. For example, Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson openly advocates conducting a verification of the authenticity of the facts of identifying illegal activities of biological laboratories ( controlled by Washington through various American funds and the Biological Threat Reduction Program (BTRP).
The leaks about US military biological programs in Ukraine are really enormous. There has never been such a large number of published documents. The Russians could have obtained an extremely dangerous and valuable whistleblower or a number of sensitive documents with irrefutable evidence of Washington’s dirty business in violating the Biological Weapons Convention in Ukraine.
Russians are to use the information they receive for their own purposes, which will play into Putin’s hands.

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