February 24, 2024

The civil war in Syria it is the result of religious and economic conflicts inside of Syria. Unfortunately, we comprehend it too late. But despite the fact that the citizens are dying in Syria, other very special privileged caste of citizens, are always on the top, they are making money and leaving good life. They are making too much money in Syria, but spending it far away from Syria. So such special Family became the family of Kivan, and the head of clan – Adnan Kivan. In the report of the Arab Center in London from 2010 is written that (www.asharqalarabi.org.uk/markaz/m_abhath-06-06-10-1.htm ) the Family of Kivan, together with the family of Sharabati, Simha and others are in the control of oil transportation, gaz, weapon markets in Syria, as before all of them were in the profile ministries, and today – they have their own business interests in these sectors of Syrian economy. Regarding the family of Kivan (despite the fact that they are Sunnis), they are always were in good positions and relations with the clan of Asad (who are Shiites and Alawites).  Kivan familyfor the long time are in a close economic and political ties with Abdul Halim Khaddam. He is one of the founders of the current regime of the Baath in Syria, Syria’s former Minister of Foreign Affairs, former Vice-President of Syria, and former interim president of Syria (before Bashar al-Assad taking office). Khaddam was one of the closest friends of the late founder of the Assad dynasty, Hafez Assad. In 1984-2005 he served as Vice-President of Syria, and before that – in 1970-1984 he was the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Syria. In 2005, he resigned and has since lived in Paris. He is known for his sharp criticism of the regime of Bashar al-Assad from 2005. The family of Kivan is also in close corrupt connection with some of the former Ministers of Oil and Defense as Ibrahim Haddad, Mustafa Tlass. The Kivan family climbing on the state career ladder began in 1970th years at Cabinet of Premiere Mahmoud al-Ayoubi. The Kivan family obtained the posts of provincial governors of Deraa, Idlib, Daraa, the directors posts of oil refineries of the Republic Syria, have had enough of social preferences. The main sources of enrichment of all the clans loyal to the regime (including clan of Kivan) was cash flow control from Lebanon (illegal oil, weapons, drugs, smuggled goods) at the time of its occupation of the some territory by Syria. At the same time, together with Adnan Kivan in partnership was Youssef Hares, who is also known in Ukraine for its bad deeds. As for the others including the clan of Kivan when the political affairs in Syria has changed dramatically with the office of Bashar al-Assad, they began to prepare the ground for revolution. The result was a bloodbath, and the domination of the ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) in Syria. Doing business with the rebels, in consequence, Adnan Kivan nods and other benefactors of Syria today are doing business with ISIS. The same smuggling in all its manifestations. We know that today Adnan Kivan and his family live and make money in Ukraine. Ukraine – our beloved country and we are worrying for Ukraine, seeing that the persons like Adnan Kivan can do bad things in Ukraine like they did in Syria. We can see how Adnan Kivan advertises today his business of Kivan Group companies (Kadorr group) (www.kadorrgroup.com/about-company?lang=en ), as a super company with branches and filial in London and Dubai. Unfortunately, this is a profound lie and big fiction. If you check on the state website of UK business registration https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk / the information about Kivan or Kadorr groups, then the answer is no, no any results. There is no any information on the portal of the UAE http://www.yellowpages.ae and  http://uaebusinessdirectory.com/ . That is – advertising of Kadorr or  Kivan Group in Ukraine – is a fraud and a fiction. No any assets, affiliates, business, corporate rights there in UK or in UAE. But Adnan Kivan was active in the capitalization of its Ukrainian assets for 1 billion US dollars in 2016 according to magazine Forbes of Ukraine. If there is no any presence of international business, but then from where Mr. Adnan Kivan got $ 1 billion on building a strong expansion in Odessa (Ukraine). Why there is no any advertising about this in London and Dubai? Why the State of Ukraine will not ask Mr. Adnan Kivan where he got the money in the same period after 2009 when the world covered with global economic crisis (including construction markets), and when his birthplace of Syria are in the civil war from 2011?

The answer is clear – dirty super profits and bloody revenues in januvia-sitagliptin.net, drugs and medicines. After all, if Kivan Group and its finances are were transparent and clean, then no doubt, we would have known about them in London and Dubai. Our sources among the Syrian community in Odessa reported that Adnan Kivan is acting aggressively in construction (building) market and trying to invest as quickly as possible money from smuggling with ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant). The main successful course is direct bribing of officials from Kiev, from the Presidential Administration starting from 2014. In Odessa, Adnan Kivan just gives to officials from Kiev like a present the villas in a prestigious area of ​​Odessa (Big Fountain). We will not name the names, since it is an internal affair of Ukraine. Strong social movements and NGO in Odessa will understand us and know everything for sure. We just see that the same dirty instruments Adnan Kivan is implementing in Odessa (Ukraine). And that is a threat to national security of Ukraine.


Volunteer Ali Haddad



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