Things that make you go hmm: “Democrat” Joy Ann Reid calls Bernie supporters freeloaders.


In a recent twitter rant, MSNBC “liberal” show host, Joy Ann Reid ended with this “Bernie and his followers are like that college friend who stays at your place for weeks, pays $0, eats your food and trashes your aesthetic.”

This got me thinking about a time, not very long ago, when such talk as this could only be expected from the most hardcore of conservative Republicans.

I remember a time, again, very recently, when liberal talking heads, like Joy, would engage in endless and serious verbal fights with conservatives for calling liberals freeloaders and moochers.

Apparently, that time has passed, and what we have today are liberal commentators and hosts who have become convinced that liberals and progressives who agitate for fairer distribution of resources are moochers and freeloaders.

This development might shock you if you have not been paying closer attention to the evolution of the Democratic party, the so called liberal party, but to those who have been paying attention, it is no surprise.

It’s been quite clear for a while that the Democratic party is no longer different from the Republican party when it comes to economic policies. A quick look at how Democrats have evolved on issues is below.

  • The Democratic party no longer fights for a living wage.
  • They don’t fight for free college.
  • They don’t fight for single payer health care. In fact, their last presidential candidate said that it would “never happen.”
  • They don’t fight to end our endless wars, or to change our interventionist policy.
  • They don’t fight to reign in Wall Street.
  • They pay lip service to the fact that the country’s infrastructure is crumbling, but do nothing concrete to remedy the situation.
  • They pay lip service to wealth and income inequality but the biggest growth in that happened under their administration.

So, what exactly makes the Democratic party better than, or even different from, the Republican party?

I personally don’t see any difference, but those who think they do probably consider the social issues bones they throw every now and then just to confuse you, and abate the discontent to be sufficient.

In recent times, social issues like abortion and gay rights have been the Democratic party’s resort which has kept many of their followers confused and in line.

Such followers believe that the Democrats are better than the Republican party because they’re nicer, and care about people, but the reality is that they’re the same as Republicans on the things that really matter.

It’s great to be able to choose whether to have a baby or not, or who to be with, but I don’t think those are things you worry about if you’re homeless and hungry.

Like some wise guy said once, “It’s the economy, stupid.” and when it comes to that, there is absolutely no difference between our two political parties.

Outbursts like this one from Joy Ann Reid are becoming more rampant from top Democrats, and that should have real progressives and liberals in that party even more worried about the direction in which the party is headed.

From Democrat leaders wishing establishment Republicans were president to using Republican terms to describe progressives in the party, it’s becoming clearer that the Democratic party is no longer progressive.


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2 thoughts on “Things that make you go hmm: “Democrat” Joy Ann Reid calls Bernie supporters freeloaders.

  1. I don’t know . But I doubt she ever worked a single week ,as hard as I worked for 35 years streight. Freeloader is what I think she is.

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