On Monday October 3rd, 2022

The City of Ponce made history as U.S. President, Joe Biden and First Lady, Jill Biden Arrived at the local Mercedita  Airport (PSE) around 2 pm aboard AIR FORCE-2.

There were hundreds of Federal and Local Enforcement personnel on site inside the airport as well as the surrounding areas where crowds of people were waiting to see at least this historic event of a US President and his plane touching down in Ponce.

Now let me emphasize that this is not the First U.S. President to visit Puerto Rico, but he is the First one to have ever landed in the Mercedita Airport located in the City of Ponce, South of Puerto Rico.

From Normal citizens to aviation photographers and of course the local and international media were also there since the early  morning hours around 6 am.

His Visit was a quick one around 2 hours or so more.

not a long one as you might have expected but a productive one just days after Hurricane Fiona destroyed most of the island and it’s power grid.

Story and Media by: Rob C.

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