DKI Jakarta Senator Dr. Abdul Azis collaborated with the Indonesian Waste Entrepreneurs Association (APSI) to carry out the Waste Recycling Workshop, on Tuesday (26/2) at the Representative Office of the Regional Representative Council (DPD) of Indonesia, Jakarta.

This activity was attended by entrepreneurs engaged in waste management. I received a lot of input regarding waste management, and some even requested that there be a special policy regarding taxes for waste management businesses.

“Don’t underestimate waste. I have seen a waste management system in several European countries, one of which is Sweden, the concept is clearly trash part of Sustainable Energy. Where 99% of waste in Sweden is recycled,” said Bang Azis.

The government invites the public to take part in waste management, for 10 bottles of bottled water, residents can get 1 liter of milk. Can Jakarta carry out a waste management system like in Sweden?

Compensation Funds Due to the garbage issued by the DKI Government for Bantar Gebang TPS reached 138 billion Rupiah, not to mention the Grant for Bekasi which reached 248 billion Rupiah in 2017.

Another problem about community compliance is not to dispose of garbage, recently there was a photo that was viral, a garbage dumper was multiplied in front of a janitor. Unfortunately only fined Rp. 300,000, I think to give a deterrent effect we propose the Revision of Regional Regulation No. 3 of 2013 concerning Waste Management, the penalty of a maximum of IDR. 500,000 to IDR. 1,000,000 – IDR 5,000,000

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