Trump is wrong: both sides are not guilty, only the Antifa is.


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President Trump said recently in a press conference about the Charlottesville KKK riots, that both sides involved in the mayhem were equally to blame, and the mainstream media has been all over him. The media has been attacking him relentlessly for having the guts to blame both sides instead of just laying all the blame on the universally and much hated KKK Nazis.

Ironically, though, while Mr. Trump is wrong in his assertion, it is definitely not for not blaming the KKK, but for blaming them at all. Blaming the KKK is wrong, despite what the criminal propaganda machine which you call you mainstream media has been yelling from their pulpit of lies, because the KKK did nothing wrong when they set out to hold their rally.

All over the media, the verdict has been completely unanimous, and it’s that Mr. Trump is so in love with the KKK Nazis that he is unwilling to hold them responsible. I don’t know, hold them responsible for what exactly, being attacked by a reputedly belligerent alt-left group which calls itself the Anti Fascism group or Antifa? According to the mainstream media, this Antifa group who took the laws into its own hands and attacked a peaceful rally is blameless because the KKK and their views should not be covered under the First Amendment. The KKK must be denied First Amendment rights because they propagate “hate speech.” That’s the short and long of the verdict.

That verdict ignores the fact that this country – our country – guarantees us all the legal rights to free speech, and that includes the people of the KKK. The fact remains that when it comes to free speech, even what you or anybody else might term to be “hate speech” is covered, and until we change the Constitution on that, it is what it is, and trying to fight it on your own is tantamount to taking the laws into your own hands. We can eventually decide to change the Constitution to exclude “hate speech” from the First Amendment, like the mainstream media seems to be pushing for, but let’s remember that it could come back to bite us, too, because the definition of “hate speech” can be subjective.

The KKK who I hate more than most, by the way, were doing nothing wrong when they were waylaid and attacked by the alt-left group, the Antifa, and that was the beginning of the whole problem. Therefore, the whole blame should, and must, be attributed to the group who went out of its way to go and intercept a peaceful rally being held by group of citizens who were breaking no laws and were only exercising their First Amendment rights to free speech.

You may not like the group and, or, what it stands for, but that is not issue here. What the issue is, or should be, is whether they had a legal right to do what they were doing, and there’s no iota of doubt that they did. The Constitution of the United States is crystal clear on that. You or anybody else not liking them has absolutely no bearing on that right.

The criminals who run the mainstream media know this fact, but will not tell you, they will instead deceive you into thinking or believing that accosting and attacking other people because you disagree with their beliefs is the right thing to do. They will plant this poison pill into our societal consciousness while making it appear as if they’re on the side of good against evil, but this is not about good and evil. This is simply about law and order in society because we can have nothing but chaos and anarchy if we all began physically attacking others whenever we disagree with them.

The criminals who run the mainstream media know this, meaning they know exactly what they are up to. This is not a mistake on their part, but a premeditated attack on our country’s peace and unity for the political purposes of their sponsors. Their belief seems to be that President Trump has to be removed from office and it doesn’t matter what they sacrifice to achieve that aim, even if it’s our country’s peace and unity.

Ask yourself why this same mainstream media that now appears to be so interested in stamping out racism has not brought this kind of attention to bear on all the racist laws America has in her books? If the media would come all out against the drug wars, or private prisons, or the Bill Clinton signed crime bill that has been called the most racist law in America since slavery, maybe racism would begin to die down, but they have not done that.

What they’ve doing, instead, is encourage enmity among Americans. What they’ve done is instigate Americans to fight each other, which should be a cause for concern for all of us. It should be a cause for concern that the people who run our mainstream media know the truth in this situation, but instead of saying that truth, are actively working to sweep it under the carpet while at the same time, broadcasting the lie and encouraging citizens to accept it.

We must all understand that two can play any game. If it becomes okay to confront and fight, or beat up people who you disagree with, then the KKK groups would also be able to do the same to any group or groups they disagree with – for example, the Black Lives Matter movement. Again, this is not about the morality, or otherwise, of any group, or rally, but about the legality, or otherwise, of the whole issue. It’s about law and order – and peace.

The KKK is an obnoxious group with obnoxious views and ideology, no doubt, but they were in no way to blame for the violence that happened in Charlottesville. The people who went to intercept and confront them during their rally own all responsibility for the violence that erupted, and are to blame for the people who were injured, and the life that was lost in the process. This is the truth, and even though it shouldn’t surprise anyone that we’re not getting it from the mainstream media, knowing what our media has become, it should nonetheless worry every American.






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